OPTISPARK: a revolutionary integrated electronic control system for steam boilers

designed to send e-mails and be displayed on the Web

OPTISPARK is the new, integrated electronic control system specific
for steam boilers developed in cooperation with AUTOMATA whose
research laboratories are certified by MURST (The Italitan Ministry for
University Scientific and Technological Research).

OPTISPARK is the “Technological Core” of the boiler and consists of two
sections: an integrated control system and the user panel (Human Machine
Interface). The integrated control system performs all the functions
that until very recently were carried out by several electro mechanical
components such as regulators, electronic cams, alarm control panels etc.

OPTISPARK controls:

  • Steam pressure
  • Water level
  • Alarm data acquistion

it also sees to thermal efficiency and combustion optimisation with the
aid of the most advanced control systems available such as:

  • Combustion control through electronic cams
  • Continuous oxygen trim control
  • Flue gas recirculation control
  • Air fan control by means of an inverter


The H.M.I features:

  • Synoptic screens with multi language texts
  • High resolution colour touch screen display
  • Real time and historical tracking of selected process trends
  • Alarm reports log
  • 3 level users
  • Navigator system
  • Multilanguage editor

OPTISPARK connects to the modem communication system ands:

sends short message text (SMS) and email in case of alarms event

is displayed on both the intranet and internet

connects to supervision systems via OPC server


The evolution of the steam generating unit by means of new technologies


Benefit offered by OPTISPARKS

  • A modern, integrated, future oriented system.
  • Ensures equivalent performance to the most advanced.
  • DCS systems at a lower cost.
  • Optimises combustion and reduces enviromental impact.
  • Cuts fuel and energy comsumption.
  • Continually checks and display combustion parameters as provided by the law.
  • Reduces the time needed to start and check the boiler.
  • Eliminates hysteresis and the need for resetting typical of convetional combustion systems.
  • Brings together all the controls that govern a steam boiler while simplifyng control activities for the operator.
  • Allows for connection and data transmission to remote control stations.
  • Optimises the steam dependend process.
  • Ensures safe operation of the boiler at all the times and adds value to the investment.