Small size absorption chiller, This type of absorption chiller is to use hot water (from solar collector or other) to make cool. We can supply chiller only or integrated unit which not only includes absorption chiller, but cooling water tower, chilled water pump, cooling water pump, vacuum pump and hot water three-way valve.


  • Cooling capacity: from 11.5Kw to 350Kw or 3.3 US RT to 99U SRT
  • Refrigerator:Water
  • Absorbor:Lithium bromide solution
  • Inhabitor: Lithium chromate or Lithium molybdate
  • Inlet temp of hot water:90°C or 95°C
  • Inlet & outlet temp of chilled water:15°C/1: 0°C or 12°C/7°C
  • Power consumption for absorption chiller only: from 0.15Kw to 1.1Kw
  • Power consumption for integrated unit: from 1.0Kw to 21.2Kw COP:0.7
  • Designed life span: 20 years.