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twa Danfoss Oil nozzle

Danfoss Oil Nozzle

Danfoss Oil Nozzle type AH, AS, AB and OD are designed
for residential high-pressure oil burners. AH, AS
and AB are available with 4 different spray angles
and sizes from 0.4 to 3 USgal/h.
For other sizes, please request our standard OD
program, which covers from 0.30 to 35 USgal/h.
Nozzle sizes up through 1.75 USgal/h are
equipped with sintered bronze filters. Larger
sizes have monel strainers.

Type: ODS

Product Group: Oil Nozzle

Material Type: Brass

Capacity (Kg/h): 2.73kg/h

Spray Angle: 60 degrees