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Eclipse ThermJet Burners

The highest operating velocity of any burner available

Comparison tests with competitive models prove ThermJet delivers the lowest emissions.

Integrated gas and air orifices simplify burner piping, set-up
and adjustment.

Air and gas inlets are independently adjustable in 90° increments to suit a variety of piping alternatives.

Installation, operation, and maintenance are simplified and
less costly.

Available in fourteen sizes with maximum capacities from
(150,000 to 20,000,000 Btu/h) 40 to 5280 kW.

All models are available for use with preheated combustion air

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ThermJet is a direct fire, nozzle-mix burner that is designed to fire an intense stream
of hot gases through a high velocity nozzle. The extremely high velocity of the gases improves temperature uniformity, product quality, and system efficiency.

ThermJet is available in either high velocity or medium velocity versions in 14 sizes. ThermJet can
be adapted to operate with either ambient or preheated combustion air.

Typical applications include:

  • Tempering furnaces
  • Reheating furnaces
  • Hardening furnaces
  • Fluidized bed dryers
  • Thermal oxidizers
  • Non-ferrous melting
  • Ladle/tundish, glass lehrs
  • Environmental applications