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FBR Light Oil Burner

FBR Light-oil burners at 3 stages


This Light Oil Burner available in four models: FGP 190/3, FGP 250/3, FGP 350/3, FGP 450/3

PT. Trimitra Wisesa Abadi is selling FBR Light Oil Burner FGP and other types. For quotation and price please contact our sales.

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    Light-oil burner 3 stages; composed by:

  • Fan at high pressurisation;
  • Combustion head with adjustment at high performance and elevated flame stability;
  • Flange and insulating gasket for fixing at boiler;
  • Three-phase power supply;
  • Photoresistance for flame detection;
  • IP 40 electric protection level;
  • Easy extraction of combustion head without get off the burners by bolier;
  • Timer for the activation of the three stage valve: factory setting = 18sec;
  • Dedicated motor for the activation of the light-oil pump