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Steinen Oil Nozzles

Steinen’s Standard Oil Burner Nozzle’s are available in a wide variety of designs to suit any burner application:

  • Solid Cone (Type S and SS) nozzles from .60 – 28 G.P.H.
  • Hollow Cone (Type H) nozzles from .60 – 2.25 G.P.H.

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Type “S” full cone nozzles produce a uniform wide angle (120º) cone spray
while Type H Whirlplate Nozlet nozzles produce a uniform cone spray.

Whirlplate Nozlet is a precision spray nozzle with a removable whirlplate and screen for easy cleaning and replacement utilizing a 1 1/16” – 11½TPI outside thread.

Type S and H are generally used in mining and other applications for dust suppression. Both product is manufactured by HAHN Industries, a Division of Steinen.