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INTEC Engineering GmbH is an international company recognized for excellence in the design, manufacturing and delivery of energy systems. INTEC plants represent state-of-the-art technology. The product, INTEC thermal oil heaters are successfully used for process heat generation within industrial plant operations in a wide range of industries such as wood, textile, palm oil, chemical, ship building and food industries The basic oil heater product line can be supplemented with other components like steam and hot water systems.

Compared to conventional plants using hot water or steam, thermal oil as a heat transfer medium offers the advantage that it can be heated nearly without any pressure until reaching a temperature of 320 °C. With synthetic oils, even temperatures up to 400 °C can be reached. For this reason, in most industrial processes heat transfer oil plants have finally achieved predominance in the supply of process energy.

Traditional fuels such as heavy oil, light oil and natural gas as well as solid fuels like production waste and biomass can be used. Depending on the consistency biomass fuels can be burnt over dust burners or INTEC developed grate firing systems.

The INTEC combustion air preheater or economizer, which is fully compatible with INTEC thermal oil heaters, helps to improve the system efficiency of the plants.

Thermal oil heaters by INTEC® are characterized by the following features:

  • Optimised heat transfer and high efficiency due to generously dimensioned coil surface
  • Tailor‐made design to individual customer requirements
  • Environmentally friendly operation due to low emission values
  • High operational reliability
  • Low operating costs
  • Long service life


Thermal oil heaters by INTEC® using fuels such as natural gas fuel oil are operated in the capacity range of 100 kW up to 20,000 kW. Heater systems with higher capacity values may be offered upon request.



For heat generation with thermal oil heaters manufactured by INTEC® conventional fuels such as heavy oil, light oil and natural gas are usually burnt. If one of the above-mentioned fuels is not available, it is possible to use electrical energy for the heating process. Depending on the application certain production waste in gaseous or liquid form may be considered for additional incineration. In order to be able to use biomass and other wood waste as fuel, INTEC offers own developed grate firing systems and dust burners.